Welcome to Stickists.co.uk, the home of the, well, stickists, you might have guessed. Here you can find a library of all the Flash movies and games that we have made. You made need Flash Player 8+ to view some of them.

Latest Updates

Sorry for the delay

We're on a role for breaking promises here. We hit some technical difficulties right after the last post. The graphics card in my laptop blew and it was very tricky securing a replacement.

The new update may still be a while. I'm moving house therefore finding it hard to work on Stickists at this time. We'll get there eventually don't you worry.
Written by Beau - 10/07/2009 02:59

Back on the go

The Stickists team is being reformed with new members. Our focus now will be on web design and creating promotional tools for small business' (e.g. poster and flyer designs). We will be still making games and animations but we won't focus on them completely. Things will be kicked off with a new website design which should be up within the next week. There's also a new logo in development but we haven't quite decided on how it should look.
Written by Beau - 05/05/2009 23:28

still dumb

Well... Okay so I still haven't done much to any of the things I promised about 6 months ago. Mainly because I am lazy, and secondly because I have had loads of work to do at school. I was stupid and picked some pretty tricky subjects for my A levels, so I am having to work my err "rear" off to just get that done. Don't worry whatever remaining die hard dedicated fans we have! if we have any... we will one day make some awesome stuff... however http://www.hbbfilms.net/ which originated from Stickists, is working at a much faster pace. So basically, we got some new films which I sadly have no part to help in... and no new animations or games.

Don't you just love my speeches, always trying to make myself look less lazy! Well it's not like I am getting payed for doing this anyway.
Written by Beau - 01/01/2008 12:51

We're not dead... Honest!

Okay, so we haven't exactly kept to our word with the "updates soon" comment. We got a bit side tracked with exams and coursework, that we have even neglected to add the old content. Don't worry though, even though it is still going to be a while before our next new update, it will be a big one. We have two large games in production at the moment, solely being produced by our action script coder (me), apart from the fact that Andrew (the webmaster) is creating the save system for each of your accounts. Our graphics designer is busy creating short films for http://hbbfilms.net/ which is why he is unable to assist with the graphics of the new games in production, and is also why there are going to be only a few new movies in production. hbbfilms is the video producing branch of the GLA partnership, for all those who were interested in what it was. The current games in production will still be a while before they are released for two reasons, I am not very good at designing graphics so it takes a while for me to create graphics of an acceptable quality standard, and I am very lazy when it comes to seemingly endless bug fixes.

Well there is your, what seems to be yearly, update. I hope I can bring another update soon.

Written by Beau - 13/07/2007 04:50

Brand New Site!!

Welcome to the brand new site. This amazing new design. The old one was pretty rubbish.

We've also had a bit of downtime. This was because:
1) I didn't read my emails and realise an expiry notice came through for our old free web space. Don't worry, I've a plan to make sure it doesn't happen again.
2) We had a sudden influx of visitors and kaabooom! "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded". Cool huh?

But we're back! And more movies and games will be coming your way soon!

Global accounts will also be introduced along with a new game soon which'll allow you to contain all your settings and information in one account for all the stickists.

Written by Andrew - 11/12/2006 17:24